Black Dolphin, January 6

CbQ performed our first of twelve concerts at Black Dolphin in Kansas City on January 6.  It went well and the music was well received by the steady stream of patrons at the venue. I thought the band sounded great and the musicians I have in CbQ were brilliant as usual. Our highlight gallery follows. Photographs by Terri Anderson Burnett

The venue promoted the event.


After selecting the music for the CbQ Black Dolphin residency in 2018, our dining room table became the staging area to put the individual quintet books together. In addition to my original compositions, this book contains about 40 of my favorite tunes by other composers like Joe Henderson, John Coltrane, Jerome Kern, Wayne Shorter and several more.

I have been using binders and document protectors for many years to organize the music for my ensembles. This is the first time I have assigned catalog numbers to each of the compositions in the standards section of the book. It seems to work well so far. The musicians responded positively to this system.

After considering the inherent inconvenience of using traditional music folders with CbQ, I decided upon binders with document protector sheets for each selected title of music. The binders allow for band housekeeping information and notes to be disseminated seamlessly within the context of the production as well.

Compact and organized system. The book has potential for organized growth. We also use a Google Drive folder for CbQ to communicate information and project details. I want my musicians to only be concerned with performing and creating. They are leading professionals in the field. So, in addition to programming and leading the ensemble as musical director, I make sure the administration and production aspects of CbQ are organized professionally.


ARRIVAL – has personnel and bios.


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Follow links in artist names for more information about them. L to R in Photo:  Roger Wilder (piano), Cb (alto saxophone), Dominique Sanders (bass), musical guest Marcus Hampton (flugelhorn), Marty Morrison (drums) and Charles Gatschet (guitar).