New Work: “Chase” (2018)

Catalog Title: “Chase” (2018)
Christopher L. Burnett, BMI

We have a new grandson, Hayden Chase Rumbarger 💕 The little guy arrived yesterday evening. He’s pictured here with the younger of his big sisters.

Mother and son are well. Seth kept us posted the entire time. We can’t wait for Nana to use one of her Christmas presents to go visit him.

I write compositions for everyone in our family. Below is a brief MIDI mockup demo of the main theme and coda for better context.


  1. Cleaned up the drum track of this demo.
  2. Orchestrating for large jazz ensemble and for combo group instrumentation.
  3. The video represents a “rough” of this work at initial conception. I most always use the piano when I compose and arrange. Some aspects of the lines in that version I play in the video will be orchestrated into the large jazz ensemble arrangement in context.

Have a great day.

Sending much love to you and your family.